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CNC Machining

Do you have a design idea, but you’re not sure if it’s possible? With CNC Machining more of your concepts can become a reality.

With this technique, crafting almost anything is possible. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) takes place when electro-mechanical devices control the tools you’re used to seeing in a workshop: routers, grinders and more.

Flawless machining.

We're fully outfitted to handle your CNC project.

Isn’t it time this kind of quality products benefited your business?

Let our CNC Machining expand your options and inspire more creativity. If you can imagine it, we will make it.

Our friendly team members will help you envision the perfect design that can be cut from plastic, acrylic or other materials. State of the art software allows you to view it on a screen. Change it until you’re satisfied. And then manufacturing starts, done by professional machinery.

AXYZ CNC Machine
Create Anything You Need

CNC Machining opens the door to many designing and fabrication options. What do you need creating today?

This is a practical and innovative way to generate merchandise, marketing objects, tools and more. You’ll receive high-quality products that are exact copies of what you originally wanted. Don’t stop dreaming because you don’t have the knowledge to manufacture your products. We have all the machines on site and can handle the manufacturing of small or large products. Do you want one or many units? We’ll do it for you.

Partner With Experts

Our team is trained to get the best results from the process. Let us create CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) drawings of your ideas and then see how CNC Machining software guides the movements of tools.

In reply to digital instructions tools move to shape what you’ve imagined. Watch how routers and grinders transform basic objects into the creations you thought of. Share your idea, or bring your drawings to us. We’ll take it further and help you realise your dreams. We have it all: Experience, software and tools.

Your budget is an essential factor in any project. CNC machining cuts back on costs so you can get more done.

Compare this to many other manufacturing options, and you’ll see the benefits for your budget. With CNC machining you save in many ways. No prototype, mould or example is needed. In CAM Software we create the prototype on a screen, and when you’re satisfied, we start manufacturing. Because the CNC machines function autonomously fewer labour costs apply. As always we make sure you get the best deal.

Get Your Products on Time

We help you keep to your timeline. Our expert team’s experience speeds up the designing phase. The manufacturing phase is an automatic process with tools working from many angles. No time is wasted on measuring or mistakes, as is possible when done manually. Because CNC machining doesn’t require continual human assistance, your products can even be constructed after hours. You may get your products sooner than you thought. And we always try to give you the speediest service possible.

Impress Every Time

Are you launching a product or planning a display unit? Striking aesthetics are essential. And that’s what you get when each item is faultlessly created. You need this quality work if you want to impress those around you. And we’ll help you get it right. After years in the business, we know how to help our customers make the best impressions during their upcoming projects. How can we help you?

This method allows for precise cutting because computers control the entire process. Compared to manual machining the results are more exact, and duplicates will resemble each other correctly. These are the details that impress your customers and peers.

Transform a stock piece of material—plastic, Perspex, metal, wood or acrylic—into the item you want for your home or business. Let us cut items from large sheets with precision, so your products all have the X-factor expected from market leaders.

If there’s a better way, why not use it? The precision of CNC machining is unmatched. This is how you do right by your inventions and designs. The manufacturing of an item is as important as the planning phase. CNC machining is your best option if you’re after precision. The tools follow your directions to the letter. And our team will help you from start to finish.

Imagine plastic, Perspex, acrylic or other materials tooled down to exactly match what your mind imagined. That’s what’s possible with CNC machining. You tell the software what you want, and the program guides the machines. There’s no chance of human error because the machine does it all. What would you like to make today?