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Nasty Gal

'After Party Vintage' Capsule Collection Pop Up Display.

Revolutionary fashion brand Nasty Gal teamed up with up Sync Studio to create this fantastic LA themed pop up display, as Syncs preferred manufacturing partner we were delighted to support on this project.


Sync Studios



Date Completed

January 2018


Plastic Fabrication, Metal, LEDs


Sync Studios provided an amazing brief, so we had a relatively simple task in creating the desired look for the client. As is industry standard we worked on very tight lead time and an even stricter budget but as we produce all of our projects 100% in-house we had total confidence in our ability to not only meet the deadline but to surpass our customer's expectations. We created the industrial feel of the display by using reclaimed wooden pallets mixed with vibrant LED lighting, and the collection was beautifully displayed on our custom made galvanised steel metal frames. Mirrored Dibond plinths not only framed the mannequins but also worked in tandem with the glitter balls, reflecting the light across the whole collection.

Nasty Gal Pop-up Display
Nasty Gal Pop-up Display
Nasty Gal Pop-up Display
Nasty Gal Pop-up Display