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Corian is a brand name created by DuPont for what is largely an acrylic polymer, that is poured as a liquid and left to harden to form shaped sheets. It is also referred to as an acrylic solid surface material.

Corian Material SwatchesAlthough most commonly used in a Kitchen environment for worktops, bowls and sinks with Corian you can do so much more. Its food safety rating makes it ideal for those areas as it doesn't promote the growth of bacteria or moult but it's an incredibly versatile material you can do almost anything with. It can be trimmed, sanded, buffed, laser etched or inlaid seamlessly to create unusual shapes. No sealing is required, and its non-porous design protects it from spills and stains. Two solid surfaces can smoothly be blended together to create seamless edges which gives the impression of a single complete piece.

Once the material has been heated in an oven, it can be bent and sculpted to create fantastic pieces premium furniture, art pieces or a custom reception desk.

There are several other brands available including Hanex & Hi-Macs, both offering very similar qualities to Corian.

Available in dozens of colours, patterns and styles. Including designs that mimic the pattern in granite without the maintenance required of natural stone.

Backed by its ten-year warranty from DuPont, whether you are using Corian for the home or in a commercial Environment a Corian surface is perfect for both practical and aesthetically pleasing.