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Vacuum Forming

Do your plastic products need the perfect finish? Our vacuum forming process is your ideal solution.

Your merchandise or display components can’t show any defects. Aesthetics determines your success in the market. That’s why a vacuum forming process is ideal. Why? Because the manufacturing leaves your products seamless with excellent finishes. Is this the manufacturing option you’ve been looking for? Turn sheets of plastic, Perspex or acrylic into anything you imagine.

Moulded to perfection.

All you need is a mould of your desired product and our vacuum forming machine.

Practical Solution

Does your product simply require a single layer of plastic? This is the manufacturing option that makes sense.

Vacuum formed products can be light, are quick to produce and you can pick a plastic thickness that suits your product. You can even pick embossing and textures to give it some character. This is how you take your plastic products to the next level. Do you need one item or many? We can handle any size project. And if you want a colour to complement your products, it’s easy to find the perfect hue when you work with plastic. Not sure what you need yet? Our friendly experts are at your service to help create a quality end product or products. Let’s start planning how this method can benefit your business.

Mappin & Webb Main Mould
Quality Products

We’ve been in the plastic business for years. We know what you want and what your clients expect. From planning to finish we’ll help you create the best end result modern technology can offer.

Plastic is used for many practical solutions. Let’s make sure your clients get the best out of your products. Each vacuum formed product that leaves our workshop is of high quality, made of superior materials. Your products will showcase well, but also stay in excellent condition for a long time. Do you need a final touch, so your products stand out among others? Why not add silkscreen finishing or a litho print? All of this can happen in our workshop.

Mappin & Webb Vacuum Form
Our Team Works for Your Benefit

You don’t need the knowledge, you simply need the idea. Our team is trained and experienced to turn any notion into a tangible, plastic object.

Each of our customers gets the benefit of our expert team. No matter your level of knowledge or experience, we can help you. We offer advice on what the best materials are and offer design advice to perfect your creation. Your idea, drawing or prototype can be turned into a CAD drawing on site. We discuss the best type of prototype/mould such as wood, resin or aluminium. Then it’s time to turn a simple plastic sheet into what you dreamed of. Our expert engineers ensure quality outcomes at each step in the process.

Your options are limitless due to the expertise of our team and the capabilities of our production line.

Even your significant plastic products can be reproduced in our workshop. We handle items up to a size of 1575mmx1100mmx550mm. And did you know not all plastics are the same? That’s why we offer you a range of materials to pick from. We’ll advise you which one’s the best between ABS, HDPE, Polycarbonate, PP and HIPS. Can you see your ideas become reality by partnering with us?

Whether you want plastic, Perspex or acrylic products, our team can handle it. Vacuum forming allows small details to be reproduced faultlessly. If you have an intricate design in mind, this process won’t disappoint you. And because detailed CAD drawings guide each process you’ll be impressed by the end result. Now imagine how impressed your clients or audience will be. Ready to get started?

A Budget-Friendly Option

We offer you an affordable way to manufacture single units or a multitude of them. With vacuum forming you don’t have to pay for assembly or excessive labour. And the chances of getting faulty copies are slim. All of this allows for compatible prices per unit. And you know we always aim to get you the best price the market has to offer.

What’s Your Timeline?

If you’re pressed for time, this is a viable option. Creating your CAD drawing, producing a prototype and starting manufacturing can take place within a few days. Don’t waste time. Let’s get started on your project today.