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POS Displays

Looking to improve your marketing efforts? Then you need one of our Point of Sale Displays. We can help you create the perfect one.

Imagine you can showcase your product or service anytime, anywhere. That’s the power of a Point of Sale (POS) display. You can use all our services to create one that’s exactly what you need. What will impress your future clients?

Stand out from the crowd.

We can create for you quality displays from hard wearing plastic and Perspex. This marketing tool will serve you well for years to come.

Beat the Competition

How can you get one step ahead of our competition? A point of sale display places your company’s information and products right in front of consumers. And we help you design a dynamic display unit.

Do you need to grab consumers attention? A Point of Sale display helps you show off the best of your company. The components coming out of our workshops are of the highest quality. This communicates your values such as professionalism and attention to detail. We can create any display that will show off your wares dynamically. You bring a practical design, and we’ll manufacture it for you. And because our prices are reasonable this option will suit your budget too. Now you have more the spend on other marketing material.

Vertu Display
Our Expertise Boosts Your Campaign

We don’t simply manufacture. We help create, improve and design the perfect display. That’s why we employ a team of experts. We want to help you optimise each marketing situation.

Yes, we have all the manufacturing equipment to create the perfect display. But before you get there, you’ll talk to our team of trained specialists. These designers, marketers and managers help you pick the perfect options from our range. We know how to think about marketing and we know how to manufacture what you need. We even think of the detail such as the ideal font size for lettering. But you want to know what you’re agreeing to, right? That’s where 3-D design skills come in. We create a visual prototype. Together we’ll make changes until you’re satisfied. Then we manufacture it so that you can take the market by storm.

Endless Options

We know what it takes to get ahead and become a market leader. We’re passionate about helping our clients be the best in their respective fields. That’s why we offer you a wide range of options to create the ideal display, relevant to your business.

You can pick from different materials, colours, shapes and finishes. Find the ones that suit your business and which your customers will relate to. Our vast capacity means we can produce one or many displays so you can flood the market with your message. And there’s no end to how creative you can be. What you imagine, we’ll create. That’s possible thanks to the many manufacturing options in our workshop. Will laser cutting or CNC machining be necessary? We do it all.


Don’t wait for your audience to come to you. Take your products and services to them. We’ll help you do this right.

Perhaps it’s time for a new approach to branding and marketing. Our Point of Sale Display service offers you creative ways of impressing your customers. What about an interactive kiosk or a durable stand you can place outdoors? Place your brand where your consumers are. Now they will notice you.

We know consumers compare you with other vendors every day. That’s why we make sure your display will outshine them all. Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing processes, your products end up with smooth finishes that showcase the professionalism you need to communicate. It’s about the detail, right? Your display will be faultless.

Customise it

Are you ready to stun your audience? Our manufacturing options empower you to add many features that add the wow-factor your marketing needs. What about leaflet displays or product glorifiers. Our team can do it all for you. Which of these services will help you reach your marketing goals?

A Fast Solution

In business you’re always running out of time, right? Is your display needed soon? Contact us today. We’ll do our best to speed up the process and deliver yours on time. Our flexibility is one of the reasons clients keep coming back. Don’t you want to be part of this satisfied group?

A POS display is mostly created from Perspex or plastic. But imagine how striking yours will be when incorporating laser cut, vacuum formed plastic objects, and custom graphics to decorate it. You can create the perfect marketing machine and transport it wherever you need.

Because we only use state of the art manufacturing processes, each component will look professional and impress passers-by. With final touches such as flame edge polishing, your displays have never looked this good.

Remember, anything you imagine can become a reality. That’s what our team members are experts at: They take your dreams and help them come true. How can we help you today?

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