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PVC Foamboard

Incredibly light and cost-effective, if you're in need of a material for non-permanent display, PVC foamboard will work in your favour. Although the name doesn't really sell it (people usually think soft and spongy) don't be fooled, this is a very rigid, dense yet light material.

Its ideal use would be for any kind of indoor exhibition displays but can also work well outdoor as well for short periods. It is hugely versatile, comes in thicknesses up to 20mm, and the applications are limitless. The board itself is waterproof but if you're looking for a permanent outdoor solution with similar qualities an aluminium composite such as Dibond would be much better suited.

Although colour options are limited, when using white, any digital print will adhere to its surface producing high quality, vivid and bright artwork.

Various brands are available, and it has many names including Foamex, Foamboard, Foam PVC and Palite to name a few.

The board cannot be laser cut. However, we can cut it with our CNC machines to produce intricate shapes and designs. Cutting out shapes and letters that are 20mm thick can look damn fly.