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Perspex & Acrylic

Perspex are global leaders in sheet manufacturing and have become the household name for manufacturing sheets, not many are aware that perspex is just a brand name for acrylic. They provide the best quality acrylic available in the market and their material is guaranteed for up to 10 years. We are an approved acrylic fabricator and some of our work is featured on the perspex website.

Perspex Swatches

Perspex are able to provide acrylic in over hundreds of variety’s of colours and transparencies. We can obtain most colours as well as match materials to Pantone colours if required, although depending on quantity a cheaper alternative may be to screen print the material before fabrication. For a list of colours perspex stock, please take a look at the following link: Colour Swatches

If you are need of a tight deadline and we do not have the stock for the material you need for your project, Perspex are able to deliver within 24 hours.

If you are after specifics on technical information for certain materials we’d be happy to provide technical libraries regarding temperature limits, clarity, food safe etc.

Calculating the weight of Perspex

Many of our customers ask how much their panels will weigh, in order to calculate this we have created a simple calculator for working out the weight. Simply enter the thickness and panel size.

Please enter a width, height and thickness.


Perspex supply a wide range of Perspex® cast acrylic sheets, extruded acrylic, aluminium composite, PVC foam and many other thermoplastic sheets. For more information please visit our materials page.

What we use Perspex for

Applications are endless. As we are mainly a bespoke plastic fabrication company Perspex is our bread and butter when it comes building prototypes and products for our customers.